The Un-Named ChroniclesBook Cover F and C

 Book One

 Forthright and Clement

Here begins a saga of intrigue, love, fantasy and horror.


The Authors

Peter M. Emmerson (Pete)

 Born in Brentwood in Essex U.K. The only son of an English Father and an East African born; German Mother.

Father of 5, Step-father to 2, Grandfather to 12, Retired, and Living in the 1066 county of East Sussex on the South coast of England.

He retired from his long time profession as an adult tutor (MOSMI) in 2008 and took up writing seriously.

Over the recent years he developed an interest in the pantheon of Egyptian Gods and their followers. His Tirnano Series is hooked around the ages long conflict between Seth and Horus.

He has self-published an anthology of short stories under the title: Prince Charming and other Spooky Stories, a historical fantasy novelette named Drang nach Osten and the first two books of his series The Tirnano. Book three is a WIP.

 Ellen Mae Franklin

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, this mother of three is following her passion for Fantasy writing. She published ‘The Unseen Promise’ in 2013, after revitalizing the urge to complete the first book in the Tarkeenia Sagas. She is currently working on subsequent manuscripts and is involved with various writing and creative communities.

Ellen Mae Franklin writes short stories for various online groups as well as for an Australian magazine – ‘Take a Break Reads’. She is also involved with an Australian group of writers as they work to release Australian themed anthologies.

She writes under the pseudonym of her children’s middle names – Ellen Mae Franklin.


“The use of Magic is forbidden!”

The Un-Named, the magic wielders; loathed, reviled and feared for being different, forced to hide from constantly searching eyes;from the eyes of those who would strive to expose them to the Render.

As the Un-Named struggle to acquire their rightful position in a world that has hated and persecuted them for centuries, a fearsome danger escapes from its five hundred year old prison.

Two extraordinary companions begin a journey to discover the origin of the strange phenomena that is allowing wild magic to leak into the world, but they aren’t the only ones who are interested in that source and not for the same reasons either.

The world is under threat of total destruction and only through the powers of magical arts can it be saved and protected –


 “The use of Magic is forbidden!”




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